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April 16, 2014

Various Type of Ad

In communication, ad is some influental aspect that will help company to communicate their product or service to public. But, Ad is not only selling. There is a lot type of an Ad that we must know. So today, let us discuss about various type of Ad. 

In this first post, we will mention 3 various type of Ad, and after that, we will discuss each of them more completely. Hope you enjoy it!

So this is various type of Ad according to Erna Wati, M.St

Various objective from ad that made by company affects on different various type of an ad. The Ad that appear often in media and generally made by company is as follow:

A. Commercial Ad

Commercial ad is an ad that purposely support marketing campaign of some product and service. There is also various type of commercial ad that we will explain later.

B. Corporate Ad

An Ad that purposely made for image building of some company and in the end also build the positive image of products or service that company provided.

C. Public Service Ad

Public service Ad is a part of social marketing campaign that purposely offer an idea or premise for the sake of public and also for public service.

After this, we will discuss about each type of that Ad. We hope you stay in touch with us!

April 07, 2014

Media Support For Marketing Communication

We are still in marketing communication series, which already discussed about The role and function of marketing communication, brand equity, and 7 business aspect to make marketing communication become long lasting. Off course, there is still plenty other topic from marketing communication. And today, let's talk about media support for marketing communication.

We all know that marketing communication is about make people know on our product or brand or company. So, in order to gain that attention, we must understand, that we need channel to facilitate that. And that channel is-one of them, media.

Yap, media is a channel that we need to make our marketing communication succeded.

Media support is always related to business succes potential, cost, and audience. Media support also called as an alternative media, unmeasurable media, and also non-traditional media. This is the following media's support:

- Out of home media

This media is also called as an outdoor media. If we know billboard, banner, x banner, etc. That is the example of out of home media.

- Promotional product marketing

We can say this is a sample. We have product, and we want our product to be tested by our customer. This media is what we use.

- Yellow pages

Yellow pages is one way stop information about contact. In Yellow Pages, we can find address and phone number for registered user. Very useful. Very informative.

- Product placement

Have you ever seen movie? In movie, some actor may use some product like bag, shoe, etc. That is the spot that company could use to ad their product. For example, if your company product is a watch. You could give product placement by ordering the actor to use your watch, and show them to the audience. Off course, you have to pay some money too.

- Inflight Advertising

You use airplane as a media to promote your product. In Air.

- Miscellaneous media

Other media that always increase and cannot really stop. There is a lot of new media today!

Yes, that's all we say about media support for marketing communication. Hope it help you!

April 06, 2014

7 business aspect to make marketing communication become long lasting

So, we already know, what is the role and function of marketing communication and what is brand equity. So, let's talking about some other different aspect (but still in same domain). The topic that we will discuss today is: 7 business aspect to make marketing communication become long lasting.

Yes, in order to survive in the jungle of business, some corporate must have these 7 basic aspect. This is the minimum requierement for corporate. Off course, if corporate want to get more than any corporat, these 7 aspect is never enough!

But, if corporate have these aspect, it means, they already in the right track.

So, what is that 7 business aspect? Let's find that out!

1. Targeted Consumer

Business is about selling. That is the one thing that we should know from the beginning (eventhought that is not the only principe). And to sell, what is the main thing to understood? Yes, a consumer.

If a corporate know who is their consumer, it will be much easier to sell. So, targeted consumer is one thing that a business must have.

2. The Best quality product creating from the newest technologies

Off course, the consumen isn't the only thing to sell. To sell frequently in various time, we must have quality product. Yap, if we only know how to sell our product to our consumer, without giving our product some consideration, it will make our consumer dissappointed. Off course, there is no worse thing in the world that an angry consumer. Believe me.

So, make sure your business organization have the best quality product on it's class!

3. Differentiation product from competitor

What the point of selling Burger, if your burger only same with Mc Donald Burger (both in taste and price)? Yes, no one will even remember about your brand. So, in order to make your brand awareness higher, your product must have some differentiation from your competitor.

That was easy, but a lot of company failed on this steps. Because different doesn't mean freak!

4. Product positioning and company as a market leader

Did i mention that different doesn't meant to be freak? Because that is 100% true! If you make your product to be different, you must make sure that your product do have a strong positioning.

What is positioning? Positioning is the product target in society. By have some great positioning, it means your company really-really know, what should they do. In other word: potential to be a market leader.

5. High speed market penetration

Every brand must be ever new. Yes, that was right. But, if you only new and do nothing, that will be useless. If your brand is a new brand, you must have this high speed market penetration.

What is market penetration? Market penetration is the way your brand known by target before get known before. Pretty confused isn't it?

6. Highest quality of human resource and ability in teamwork

Every company need an employee. And in order to be the greatest company in the world, they must have a good quality employee too. But, only good in individual grade will not helping company much. So, company must have some good quality employee with the great composure to working in team. Great ability and great teamwork!

7. Adaptative interest in different situation

If your company only targeting interest in one boom interest, by the time flew, your target will dissappear. So, your interest must be good enough, or, if you can't, your interest must be adaptative in different situation. That was hard, but not impossible.

So, that's it! Those are the 7 business aspect to make marketing communication become long lasting. Hope you enjoy it!

April 03, 2014

Marketing Communication and Brand Equity

We are in the 2nd post about marketing communication. Yesterday, we just finished talking about The Role and Function of Marketing Communication. What, you don't read that yet? Just read it to keep up with this post.

Okay, now let's start the discussion about brand equity. Why brand equity? Simple, because brand equity is some important thing that marketing communication need, in order to have a long lasting and happily live in business.

Let's start with the most common thing that we should know. what is brand equity? Yes, that is the main thing that we should know. And then, we will continue with the mixture of marketing. Okay, let's go!

What is brand equity?

According to David A. Aaker (2000), brand equity is a series of asset and brand obligation that related to a brand, name, and symbol, which could increase or decrease value of product or service is given by company or customer.

It means, that brand equity is the way customer and company view on some brand. The good example of these brand equity is a brand equity of Mc Donald's. Mc Donald's could make their customer have some pride when they buy a beverages from there.

The mixture of marketing.

The mixture of marketing is consist of 6 major communication way:

1. Ad

Every form of presentation that not done by person and the promotion is an idea, product, or service by specify sponsor.

2. Sales Promotion

A various type of short time incentive to push people to try or buy the product or service.

3. Special Event and Experience

The company sponsoring events and programs that designed for creating everyday interaction which related to brand.

4. Public Relation and News

A various programs that designed for promote or protect company image or each product that they have.

5. Direct Marketing

Using phone, message, facsimile, e-mail, or internet to have a direct communication or asking feedback or chat with some customer or potential customer.

6. Private Selling

Eye to eye interaction with one or many prospective buyer in order to present (product or service), answer question, and get the order.

That was or discussion today about marketing communication and brand equity. Hope you enjoy it! :)

The Role And Function Of Marketing Communications

Now, let's start the discussion about marketing communication. Marketing communication is an important point in business. Because, without good marketing communication, there will be no sales. And business without sales, is nothing.

So, in the first post about this marketing communication, we will talk about the role and function of marketing communication. In role of marketing communication, we will talking about the definitions of marketing communication.

And in function of marketing communication, we will mention some point that become the main function of marketing communication.

So, let's start!

Role Of Marketing Communication

This is the definition of marketing communication: Tools that company used in effort to inform, persuade, and remind customer -direct and indirect- about the product and brand that they provide.

So basically, marketing communication is something that company need to be known by their customer.

Function Of Marketing Communication

This is some list of the function of marketing communication:

1. Company could make the customer know, or shown, about how and why a product could be used by who and where and when.

2. The customer could learn about who makes the product and what is retained by company and brand.

3. And customer could be given one payback, like trial or sample product. That will make customer happy, i think.

That was article about the role and function of marketing communication, i hope you enjoy it and helped by this simple article. If you want to know more, just ask me in comment box. See you!

April 02, 2014

The Various Type of Communication Policy

After we talking about The minimum requirement of communication policy and the purpose of communication policy, now let's start the discussion about the various type of communication policy.

So, what is the type of communication policy? Here they are.

1. Statute

Legislation made ​​by Parliament together with government. So, the communication policy is made by the most legal and powerful law in the country. At this stage, nothing could deny it, except the statute amandment itself.

2. Government regulation

Laws and regulations established by the President to run properly Law. This policy is made by president and other government element. At this stage, communication policy is made by the government at that time only.

3. Ministerial decree

Laws and regulations issued by the Minister, with more specific contents and set things practical. At this stage, communication policy is made by the minister based on their subject. In common case, communication policy is made by minister of communication and information.

4. Local regulation

Laws and regulations established by the Legislative Council by mutual consent of Regional Head. In this stage, the communication policy only enforced in some local area. Like in city or region. Not the whole country.

5. Presidential decree

Legislation made ​​by the President. This decision not to run a law, but it can refer to government regulations. Usually, this policy is refer to some special issues that need a direct order from the president.

That is the 5 type of communication policy. We hope this little information is good enough to help you. This the end of Communication policy series.