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February 18, 2012

Trans Shows Commitment To Make Indonesian Television Better

Trans Corp showed its seriousness in maintaining the ethics of broadcasting after discussions with the KPI. In the discussion, Trans Corp. and IBC agree that the world press in Indonesia should be controlled, especially in the event komed, and especially the live.

We still remember, what will happen to Four events in limbo because of the broadcast livenya that fail to meet it. Ingestion of action directly by Sumanto frog has made any announcement of the event given KPI Four missing. Finally, now converted into a Four show The Four.

And the new show is broadcast on Trans Corp Saturday, February 18, 2012, entitled "John Lenong" Trans Corp itikan well proven. Taping the show, they censored a word that may be indecent originally made for the fun.

Said it was a paper "Teacher Nikahin Me" written on the banners that the story used by students to mendemo teacher. Sure cursory look funny, but on the other hand, it is clear the nation's moral ruin. Fortunately, Trans Corp is sharp for the censor. :)