Communication is a key of socialize

If you want to be known with other people, you have to socialize. And the main thing to socialize is a communication. A constant communication could make you fame, off course with the right step. Learn the way of communication here!

Practice your skill of communication

If you want to be a good communicator, the main thing you have to do is practice! Practice and practice!

Learn the right way of communication with suitable theory

Theory of communication is one thing you should learn if you want to be a good communicator

Learn Various model of communication

Communication has a lot of model. Learn it and use in the good timing.

Understanding context of communication

In some way, context of communication is a main thing about communication. Learn it!

January 02, 2019

Instagram As An Media for New Generation

Social media is a means of communicating today that is very fast and rapid
in its development, social media is also growing rapidly from various types of classifications and types according to the needs of the world community. Social media has become
a need for people with a modern background. Media social can help humans in various aspects of needs. Entertainment aspect, education, health, self-expression, transportation and others.

It is often found that many students use social media for each other social interaction between social media users even though the social interaction of students in the environment school is very important for a student both between schoolmates and teachers.

This of course will have an effect on the teaching and learning system and the inter-relationship
students and teachers.

Students often cool themselves using social media whether it's on the road, school or at home regardless of the area around them this makes the people students are more individualistic, even when gathering with friends or family often at found that students pay more attention to their smartphones than people at around.

Instagram in this era is very interested because social media is more focused on Short duration photos and videos compared to other social media focused on Twitter, words or status so that Instagram is easier to use and enjoy, added by local and foreign artists and international sports clubs
currently has an Instagram account so students can find out about activities his idol through photos and videos uploaded by the account.

Students can also upload unique and interesting photos or videos himself, other people, buildings or a moment so that other Instagram users can see it and make its account more famous.

Often in its development, Instagram has many functions that can enjoyed by users, but on the other hand Instagram also has a changing nature the behavior of users (consumers) of students especially senior high school students 1 manado majoring in science class of 2012.

For this reason, I as a researcher are eager to explore how Instagram influences in supporting social interactions of public high school students 1 manado majoring in science in 2012.

November 08, 2016

Understanding Consument

Author: Handito Hadi Joewono

Often we hear the classic word repeated from large and small businesses: "The making process is easy anyway, but it is important how to market". Because of its role is strategic, not surprisingly marketing become an important issue in business. Indeed there is little ambiguity in the language here, whether the question is a marketing or sales?

Whether the sale is part of the marketing? Of course not, although people often claim such marketing. To market is not the same as selling. The two are different but interrelated and equally had a role in the company. No wonder there is an established company director of marketing and sales director.

May 19, 2016

Something Important About The Development Of Audience Study

The study of the audience was very affected by the changes and development of the media in every age. That fact led to the study of the audience continues to grow over time at a rapid pace, according to his time. Technology is also a consideration of audience studies, which is currently quite a lot of stuff. The different perspectives of each study umbrella on the traditions and the paradigm of the audience. Some of the objectives of audience research is: a form of media evaluation from the perspective of the audience, the audience knows the motives in choosing and using the media, find the audience interpretation of the meaning, as well as exploring the context of the use of media.

May 18, 2016

Let's Take A Look: Campaign as Persuasive Media

Campaign is something important in this day. We all do campaign, and we experienced being a communicant from campaign. We see campaign on our everyday life. But, do we know about campaign? That's the question. And my thesis here, is something you could read to getting know the campaign.

And yeah baby, let's get started.

Pace, Peterson, and Burnett define persuasion as an act of communication that aims to create a communicant adopted the view communicator about something or perform a particular action. That is, when we talk about communication actions aimed at changing thoughts, ideas, and behaviors, persuasion is the important point. That information is in accordance with the understanding persuasive language, which is subtly persuasive (to be sure) as set forth in the Great Dictionary of Indonesian. Of course, the context of persuasive communication is highly relevant to the campaign.

In the 1940 campaign began with propaganda differentiated context. Factors such as resources, time, nature of the ideas, objectives, message reception mode, mode of action and properties of interest into the differentiation.

Venus said communication campaign based on seven criteria characteristics. First, the campaign source always possible to identify with certainty and transparent. Secondly, there is a certain time period which limits the campaign. Third, the nature of the ideas campaign is open to debate. Fourth, the campaign has always had a clear and specific objectives. Fifth, the campaign greatly avoid coercive approach. Something which is of course very different from the propaganda, because propaganda usually require power to smooth the goal. Sixth, there is a code of conduct in the rule of the campaign and followed by all parties involved. Seventh, the campaign attention to the interests of both sides in order to achieve the goal.

After seven criteria are met, we can divide the communication campaign conducted in several types according to the targeted issues. Charles U. Larson divide it into three parts:

a. Product-oriented campaigns
Product-oriented campaign. As the name implies, this campaign is usually used for commercial purposes, which in turn will provide financial benefits for the perpetrators of the campaign. Or in simpler language, we call the product promotion.

b. Candiate-oriented campaigns
Campaign-oriented candidates. Or in a language more often heard in the media is a political campaign.

c. Or ideological cause-oriented campaigns
Campaign-oriented dimension of social change. Usually, this kind of campaign is a form of CSR. However, in many cases ideological and social, many parties who campaigned social without expecting any reply directly, but only as forming a social awareness around the community.