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November 22, 2011

Attribution Theory

Explain human behavior.

History and Orientation

Heider (1958) first proposed a psychological theory, but Weiner and colleagues (eg, Jones et al, 1972; Weiner, 1974, 1986), social psychology has been the main research paradigms that have developed within the framework of the theoretical. Heider so-called "naive" or "COMMON SENSE" psychology is discussed. In his opinion, a reasonable explanation or reason for people to come to collect the information to understand the other's behavior, such as amateur science.

Core assumptions and Reports

The physical interpretation of Theory of functions and events and how they are concerned with thinking and behavior. Attribution theory assumes that people are trying to determine what people do. Someone on one or more other features, something that could be the reason for this behavior nor try to understand. According to Heider, a two-attribution: 1) internal features, such an attitude to someone, such as character or personality of a person behaving in a manner that can result. 2) external attribution, person, because he was also on the status of something that behaves a certain way, the results

Our attribution of emotional and motivational great extent, been controlled by the driver. Another very real self-blame and personal claims service to avoid attribution. We also have features such as an attack to defend. We will give an unfair injustice in the world. We even share the same grief from trying to distance himself, because it sacrificed for their fate (and us) is to blame. We also believe that less than one change, other than ourselves, we see a more diverse and less as expected. It is also within us (and we spent a lot of time) to see what can be more.

Conceptual Model

Is not applicable.

My favorite method

Attribution of different methods were used in the evaluation and categorization. Open questions in oral response to the researchers involved in the Open method of categorization. The method of attribution and dimensions of the participants considered to be received in connection with the various elements (for example, or the ability to try) 5 degrees of success or failure in, say, his / her reasons for the measure requires. Direct rating method (eg, [Benson, 1989), participants in the event of attribution and the size of the for / after the reasons for the same reasons of expression and information is required.

Scope and Application

Theory of functions between the high and low achievement motivation has been used to explain differences. They are confident that this success, because they believe are connected with high ability and effort attribution theory, the high achievers, the approach does not avoid the tasks related to the activity. Error caused by bad luck or bad thought to be a trial, and their guilt. Thus, the failure of pride and confidence to create their own esteem but does not affect success. They are (a) their ability and / or (b) the success, success, or "who you know", or other factors outside the control of the doubt on that, because on the other hand, low achievers avoid success in the tasks associated with them. Thus, he / him / her and to increase the price of the trust, but does not feel responsible, because such a success, but useful for low achievers.


For example, the effort spent on athletes, but could not match that in the past, you can only warn him to attribute failure to lack of efforts to promote (see, for example, [Robinson, 1990). If the incentive was very difficult to meet the qualifying standard is likely to improve, because the results do little to improve the properties of the lack of effort, the purpose may be small. If the use of the wrong race strategy, the strategy used in the future, then the logical improvement, can lead to better results.


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