October 14, 2009

Berlo's Model

Also known as SMCR model. Source, message, channel, and receiver. Source is the creator of the messages. Message is a translation of idea to a symbolic code. Channel is a medium that bring the message. And the receiver is the target of communication.

According to this model, source and receiver is influenced by those factors : skill of communication, attitude, knowledge, social system and culture. Message is expanded based on element, structure, content, treatment, and code. The channel is about sensory.

The positive thing about this model is, this model could reach treatment mass communication, public, interpersonal, and written communication. This model is also heuristic. But, this model is also have weakness. This model think that communication is a static phenomenon. There is no feedback. And nonverbal communication is considered as unimportant thing.

Source : Deddy Mulyana : 2000