October 08, 2009

Lasswell's Model

Lasswell's model is a verbal saying, which say about who says what in which channel, to whom with what effect?

This model say about communication process and it's function to society. Lasswell said 3 function of communication. The first one is a environmental monitoring. Then a relation from every departed society which give a response to environment. And the last one is a social transmission from one generation to the other.

This model is often used in mass communication. Who to gate keeper, says what is a source to analyze about the message. In which channel to media. to whom to audience. And with what effect is about the effect which is made by a message of mass communication to reader, listener, etc.

This model is also given a critic, because this model seems think that communicator and the message is always on purpose. This model is also though that is too much simple. But, just like the other good model, this model focus on important aspect in communication.

Source : Deddy Mulyana : 2000


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