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June 30, 2013

The Difference Between Framing Analysis and Critical Discourse Analysis

Here is the difference between framing analysis and discourse analysis which almost have commonly same each other. But, we know that they are different and must be treat in different ways. We have to do that, in order to make a good research about our subject. If we know what the difference between framing analysis and critical discourse analysis, it will make us know, what theory which we should use? So, we hope after you read this post, you will understand the difference between them and will be able to make a right decision to know.

So let's just start the discussion:

June 28, 2013

The Concept of Framing Analysis

The concept of framing or frame itself is not a pure concept of science communication, but borrowed from cognitive science (psychological). In practice, framing analysis also opens up opportunities for the implementation of the concepts of sociological, political, and cultural to analyze the phenomenon of communication, so that a phenomenon can be appreciated and analyzed based on the context of sociological, political, or cultural surrounding.

June 27, 2013

Basis Theory of Framing Analysis

Communication Perspective

Framing analysis is used to dissect the ways media or ideology when constructing the facts. In other words, framing is an approach to find out how the perspective or point of view that is used by journalists when selecting issues and news writing. Therefore, the news became manipulative and aimed to dominate the existence of a subject as something legitimate, objective, natural, natural, and inevitable.

June 26, 2013

The General Known About Framing Analysis

Framing analysis is an alternative model of analysis that can uncover the secrets behind a difference even opposition media in revealing the facts. Framing analysis is used to determine how reality is framed by the media. Thus social reality is understood, interpreted, and constructed with the formation and specific meaning. These elements are not only the technical part of journalism, but rather indicates how events are interpreted and displayed. This is indeed a political reality, how media construct, deliver, maintain, and reproduce, an event to the reader. Through analysis of the framing will be known who controling who, who who the opponent, where comrades where the opponent, where patrons and where the client, who is helped and who hurt, who oppresses and who is oppressed, and so on. Such conclusions are very likely obtained because the analysis is an art-framing of creativity that has the freedom to interpret reality by using certain theories and methodologies. There are two main essence of framing analysis is, first, how events are interpreted. This relates to the part covered and what is not covered. Second, how the written facts. This aspect relates to the use of words, sentences, and pictures to support the idea.