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March 27, 2014

The Purpose Of Communication Policy

After we post about minimum requirement of communication policy, now let's talk about the purpose of communication policy

The purpose of communication policy is something that we should know, if we want to understanding the full substance of communication policy. Just like we know before, communication policy is something that very important to the government in order to make their regime to be stand among their people, not againts their people.

And that's why, understanding the purpose of communication policy is a must. So, let's see, what is the purpose of communication policy:

Sociological purpose

In sociological aspect, communication policy is meant to put the process of communication as a part of social dynamics that not giving a loss to society.

Yeah, in sociologic, society must be considered as a main factor of government and the communication process behind it. It means, all communication policy must make the communication process become a profit to society. In other word, society must be helped by communication policies in order to make a better live in the country.

Communication purpose

In the communication aspect, communication policy must be a relief to the process of communication. By the appearance of this policies, the process must be helped. The communication performer must be helped by this policies. And also, the government must be helped by this policies.

So, what do you think about this purpose of communication policy? Let us know!

The Minimum Requirement of Communication Policy

Communication policy is a policy that government use to communicate their action to the public. In some words, it is also called as an public policy for the government. And just like any other policy, this communication policy must have this sort of requirement:

1. Objective

Yes, communication policy must have some clear objective or goal. Before we make some policies about this communication, we must know, what we want to get. If we finally know what we want, then we will reveal what is the way to do that.

In some any other case, we could see that a lot of communication practitioner made their policies even before they know, what they want to get. That make the process being more complicated and become a torment for the employee.

2. Coercive

Coercive is something that have a force for other people to do what we want. And because communication policy is something that very important to the government, then we must force this policy to all element in government. No exception.

When our policies have a lot power to suppres the other, then our policies will work effectively.

3. Could be positive or negative

We couldn't resist that any policy could be good or bad. When it comes to communication policy from the government, then we must do it. Eventhough it positive or negative.

We shouldn't involve our personal feeling about it. Wheater it good or bad, we must do it. Back to requirement in number 2, coercive.

4. Show what government do

The main purpose of communication is to show to the other. And in this case, that purpose is still apply. Our policies must show what government do.

And in some cases, almost every good think that government will be communicated by this policies. Unfortunately.