Communication is a key of socialize

If you want to be known with other people, you have to socialize. And the main thing to socialize is a communication. A constant communication could make you fame, off course with the right step. Learn the way of communication here!

Practice your skill of communication

If you want to be a good communicator, the main thing you have to do is practice! Practice and practice!

Learn the right way of communication with suitable theory

Theory of communication is one thing you should learn if you want to be a good communicator

Learn Various model of communication

Communication has a lot of model. Learn it and use in the good timing.

Understanding context of communication

In some way, context of communication is a main thing about communication. Learn it!

February 19, 2013

Tips on Interview Test

The interview  test could become a maze test for a job seeker. With the development of the professional's world, the interview test is lot become more complex. Only general knowledge and a good grade from college won't be enough. You have to know a good tricks to face that determine steps on your life.

So this is the tips on interview test:

1. When you walking into the test room, greet the interviewer, and give them your sincere smile.

The smile in very first meeting will give a good impression to the interviewer. Besides, it will also give you a confident boost to face the interview test. Smile will make you enjoy and relax that you'll need during the test.

2. Take initiative to open conversation with the interviewer.