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April 06, 2010

"Lembaga Penerbitan Koperasi KOPMA UGM" Publish Foraksi March 2010 edition

After regeneration, “Lembaga Penerbitan KOPMA UGM” didn’t stop to prove their existence. It is looked by their newest Foraksi. Which become their march 2010 edition. And in their way to get their respect from other people in KOPMA UGM. They believe that they can bring the glory to their LP’s room. And Foraksi march 2010 edition is one of their first step to get that thing.
Foraksi itself, in this edition is telling about the new face of Kopma UGM. Which symbolized by their new staff. And in this edition, Foraksi try to introduce those person to Kopma’s member. Because the Foraksi think, that who knows, there are still Kopma’s member who don’t know the Kopma’s Staffs yet. And Foraksi, try to dig it, just for you.
In other hand, there is also a lot of other stuff that you can enjoy in Foraksi. Like the report of Diksarkop 90. Or maybe what people say about the new ( or you can also call old) leader of Kopma. All of that stuff is present for you in Foraksi.
So, enjoy it my friend.

January 31, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

Another good movie for communication student. This is really really a good movie for u to watch. I swear it. Is it that good? Just check this one out.

This movie is a movie that I saw in January 23th 2010. And wow, I really get impressed by this movie. Although for some reader of that novel, that thing isn’t new anymore. But, for me who know nothing about Sherlock Holmes (know Holmes, Watson, and Moriaty only from detective conan comic books), the story at that movie is really good.

The story begins with a come of bandit girl but get loved by Holmes who give him an offer to find somebody. In the middle of Holmes confused about this case, suddenly the cops arrival with the information that Lord Blackwood, the one who get death punish has been back from the death.

And then, holmes trying to find out the truth of that story, until he finally found that Blackwood casket has been filled by a dwarf who actually is Holmes client want to find.

And then, Holmes have to fight Blackwood, who seems have a black magic. Where he can kill someone by sunk him in the bath tube. Or burn somebody who want to shot him with a gun without even touching that man.

So, what is the end of this story? Can Holmeses logic defeat Blackwood’s “blackmagic”? See what next in theatre, or original DVD and VCD. You better don’t use the piracy one. If you are a communication student, you gonna love it.... :)

Watchmen's Movie Review

In communication discipline, there is a lot of knowledge that lead us to ignored the differences and stick together as a brother with our friends. And this movie, will teach us a lot about that things.

Before going to market, this movie is already famous. Of course it might have a connection with marketing communication. Which making marketing as a main key to successful movie. And according to me, this communication strategies is success enough.

Story begin with comedian death. One of superhero group which called watchmen. But if we follow the pattern in this movie, it could be little hard. Because of that, I decided to make a story line which has been arranged from first to last, without flashback anymore.

This movie take a time in year 1985, where there is a cold war on that time. And in America on that time there is a group of super hero who call themselves as a Watchmen. Just like American superhero, they wore weird mask and costume like a clown. But not like other superhero who generally have a pure heart and only think about being good, our hero in this movie quiet different. They are more likely a gangster with past sadness They have their own problem with themselves.

The member of watchmen is Dr manhattan, Ozmandian, Rorschach, Night Owl II, Silk Spectre II, and Comedian. Although they have really powerful strength, but just like I said, their soul really-really unhealthy. And for this movie, the story is only between them. Because of that, lets talk about this character one by one.

Dr Manhattan is a scientist whom got accident in his research. A classical way to create a superhero. Because of that accident, he then have a super power like a good. He can change all element in the world just become everything he like. Can go to Mars in second. Kill people like push a button in keyboard, etc. because of his power, he lost his passion in humanity. He get more interest in metaphysic knowledge rather than think about humanity. Just like he is part of human not anymore. At the end of the story, he choose to go to other galaxy. Unexpressive face which suitable with Billy Crudup as a cast.

Ozmandian is a person whose considered as a smartest man in the world by other watchmen. And he is also a leader of watchmen. With his smartness and strength, he tried to unite ego of each member. He can be think as the most health mind in watchmen. But, because of that smartness, he also make people life as an ant. For him, peace need sacrifice. Little or large is similar, just a collateral damage. Cast by genius face by Matthew Goode.

Rorschach is one of superhero who has strongest hearth in keeping his ideology. He is a self punched type that can kill everyone whose he thought guilty. A slave of his justice who have black past. Where he was born from a slut. He already fight for his justice even before watchmen built. And after watchmen broke, he still moving illegally to punish bad boy out there. With his socialist ideology, he become famous in crime world. We can see that when he get busted because get trapped, he get nice welcome from his old friend in prison. Cast superbly by Jackie Earle Haley, ex kid star in year 70, who already become great fan from this story since in comics book.

Night Owl II can be said is the most stupid in these bunch of heroes. He with his simple dreams about the world and America. Simply stupid enough as a superhero who has problem with their past. His soul is quite health. He get his passion back to become a superhero after slept with Silk Spectre II. Cast by Stephen McHattie.

Silk Spectre II, is a daughter of Silk Spectre who is a first period hero that fail in America. Herself is girl in Dr Manhattan dream. But after feel comfortable no more with Dr Manhattan who get more busy with his metaphysic. She left and making relationship with Night Owl II. She get problem enough from her past. After she knows that comedia is her father. From the ripe to her mother. Cast bravely by malin Akerman.

Comedian can be said is the most crazy man here. It could be because of he always get drank all the time. But it also could because of his mind is already junk. Although directly dead in first scene, but he has been told often. There is a lot of flashback which tell about his story. And when his body down to the earth, each superhero remember again the memories with him, and of course, mostly bad memories. Although we call him a superhero, his attitude is worst than a criminal. Cast by bad boy faces by Jeffrey Dean.

After we know the main character from this movie, it will be much easier to tell the synopsis. United States, in the time after they won at Vietnam and make President Nixon won the election in five a row. (of course it only could happen in this movie) Decided to throw away the superhero groups. But, they still use Dr Manhattan who have a power like a god to insulting Soviet in order to make them not send their nuclear cannon. But, that kind of strategy give nothing except a warmer cold war. At that point, Ozmandyan who consider as a smartest man in the world, have a such brilliant idea to become a peacemaker. By using Dr Manhattan powers, he try to make a super destruction power. He kill Comedian in order to fake another superhero concern.

And that’s right, Rorschach who have a suspect about Comedian’s death, straightly make a conclusion and theory that there is a conspiration to kill every watchmen members one by one. He guerilla to investigate every evidence that he might use. And Ozmandyan’s brain is the one who lead Rorschach to get trapped in some place and finally brought him to a prison.

And in other parts, Ozmandyan tactics is also the one who make Dr Manhattan feel sick with earth and going to Mars. That thing make illegal affairs between Silk Spectre II and Nite owl II come true. After that, Nite owl II suddenly get his courage to become a hero once again and rescue Rorschach from prison.

After Rorschach make it to get out from prison with Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre help, then Silk Spectre get an appointment to talk with Dr Manhattan in Mars. And Rorschach with Nite Owl II continued their investigation until they finally reveal that ozmandyan is the one who behind all of those things. And they two finally rush in Antartica, a place where Ozmandyan control his secret project.
In other place, or in other planet exactly, the heart to heart talking by Silk Spectre and Dr manhattan happen. Where at that place, she finally realize that Comedian is her father. That make her so sad, and from that somehow, Dr Manhattan feel the humanity once again. And make him decide to back to earth and prevent Ozmandyan for doing his plan.

But, when they arrive to earth, everything is too late. Ozmandyan is too strong for Rorschach and Nite Owl II. He already launched super nuclear to big city such as Paris and New York and Moskow.

And after that,Ozmandyan get haunted by Dr Manhattan in Antartica. And when almost get killed, Ozmandyan show television news which showing unexpected before. Because of that attack, the world have same their voice to fight against one enemy : Dr Manhattan! And Dr Manhattan understand what the meaning from all of this. All of Ozmandyan trying to do is to make world in peace.

But of course, Rorschach can’t accept that such lie. Although he knew that he will die if he do that, he still go and trying to tell the truth. And it make he die blow by Dr manhattan together with his socialist ideology.

That was a synopsis from watchmen movie. Quiet Interesting isn’t it? But of course it will be more interesting if you see the movie directly. Why? Because this movie is produced superbly. In story, or even in effect. So, this movie will become a good sample for mass communication media.

January 20, 2010

Punk In Love's Review

In communication discipline, inter culture communication actually is a good story to talking about. And movie could become effective media to become a channel for this type of communication. But, not all movie could become channel. One of them who could become the channel is Punk In Love movie. Whose I thought have already try to become the bridge for punk community as a minority with general society as a majority. Because of that, Punk In Love movie is a film that I thought deserve enough to become one of movie that you must see.

Movie which tell a story about street punk’s life is really unique. Look, in the middle of rebellion theme and background of the characters, there is still comedy and romantic here. Many friends of me even say that this movie has more comedy and romantic than punk itself. But, I still give a credit to story of punk which the director (Ody C. Harahap) try to build in this movie. Entertain enough for me, and even make my friends laugh so hard when seeing this movie.

Punk In Love which made by Raam Punjabi and MVP Pictures is tell about four friends in Malang city. They are Arok (Vino G. Bastian), Yoji (Andhika Pratama), Almira (Aulia Sarah), and also Mojo (Yogi Firnanda). Story began when Arok trying to kill himself when he covered that his “love death” in Jakarta will get married soon. Then his friends make him realize that he should go to Jakarta to chase her and not kill him self like an idiot. And finally, they go to Jakarta, without any plan and source to meet Maia (Girindra Kara), the girl in Arok’s dreams.

They doing really long journey and also a lot of problem that they faced, from get lost in Bromo, visit cemetery in Blitar, get flop in Semarang, and other funny stories. When they get closer to their goal, suddenly Mojo get hurts in his left foot and also get infected. It was really serious hurt and can make Mojo get killed if not get first aid. Poor Mojo, the nearest hospital is reject to cure him! So what the ending of this movie? Will Mojo make it and survive? Will Arok meet Maia? Just see this movie yourself, by original VCD and DVD off course.

The thing that we should notice is a role from each cast here is really interesting. Two main character here is Andika Pratama and Vino G Bastian according to my opinion. Vino who has become the old face from movies with this genre is no longer strange for us. His previous starred movie such as “REALITA CINTA DAN ROCK N ROLL”, and also “RADIT DAN JANI” is already talking about naughty boy and success enough. And like usual, his sexy body still become the main product here. So what about Andika Pratama? As long as I know, movies that he played is never talking about this genre. Even in his previous movies, he playing as a cool and serious boy. But in this movie he become very different people. A funny punker who like “dangdut” music so much. He become one of main fun character in this movie. Salute to him.

So, I think overall this movie is good enough to get my recommendation to you who wants to see a movie. Of course as a communication college, I also see some communication aspect in this movie. What is that? Well, just see this movie guys.

Movie Review

In communication, movie review is become very important. Why? because movie review is a try to make people who read this article have more passion to see that movie. And that will make movie, as a one of mass media in the world, become more popular. This is really good way to understand other life communication, and make every people who watch it get entertained. So, this is some movie that i recommend to you to see this. Check this out.

Punk In Love


Sherlock Holmes


After we talk about making good topic of our speech, it's a time to make a good content of our speech. How can we do that? We need something to be communicated about, so because of that, we have to make a draft. What is a draft?

Draft Is a natural printing to your speech from speech’s parts, which having connection each other. With that draft, you can see a little about all parts of your speech that you’ll speak to the audience. It will help you to know the weakness that hard to detect. When you starting to make your draft, it means you also starting to construct a speech. Do not wait until you get all of source that you need. You can starting to make draft in the same time when you collect, organize, and edit speech’s sources. So, you can get the main used of making a draft, like where is approximately a change can be done. Draft is editable based on needs, together with every process to construct a speech.
That draft could become specific or general. Speech is arranged in the draft which contain by key words. More specific draft that you made will make easier to test every parts of speech, either it’s quality or characteristic. That draft better made in specific and full sentence.
Construct a draft
After you complete your research and having a plan to your speech, then write it in paper, by following this instruction.
a. Begin the draft by knowing the data
Know general and special purpose as your thesis.
General purpose : To inform
Specific purpose : To inform about mass media function
Thesis : mass media showing four main function
That is not a part that you mention in your speech, but just become your guidance to make your speech and draft ready. Just like traffic sign to keep you stay in the line.
b. The draft is contained by forewords, content, and conclusion as a particular part
Although that 3 is connected, must be parted and made to different each other. It’s not spoken to audiences, but guide you to making set for your speech.
c. Insert transition and internal conclusion
Insert transition between forewords and content, between content and conclusion, main proposition in body of speech and every where it need. Insert internal conclusion whenever it needed to help audiences understand and remember your ideas.
d. Attach reference list
Can be placed in the end of draft or spread pages.

January 10, 2010

The Way Of thinking Speech Arrangement (additional)

After from last article we discuss about the way of thinking speech arrangement. Now, we will learn no far from that point. We will discuss about some additional various from that topic. So here is it, enjoy it...

1. Structure and function pattern
Useful for informative speech, where you want to discuss how structural and function aspect from that structure.

2. Contras and comparison pattern
Also useful for informative speech, where you want to analyze two or more thing by compare that difference and similar.

3. Pro and contra pattern
Useful for informative speech, where you want to explain objectively what something used and unused.

4. Claim and prove pattern
Useful for persuasive speech, where you want to prove the truth and use of proposition that you tell. Your speech at least have two part, first one explain your claim and the second show the prove that your claim is right.

5. Various definitions pattern
Useful for informative speech to explain some concept. You can show various definition type or the way in look for that concept.

6. Journalistic pattern (5W+1H)
Once again, useful for informative speech when you will report or explain some events.

Source : Modul Public Speaking ilmu komunikasi fisipol UGM, 2008.

you can also read this article in Indonesia.