Communication is a key of socialize

If you want to be known with other people, you have to socialize. And the main thing to socialize is a communication. A constant communication could make you fame, off course with the right step. Learn the way of communication here!

Practice your skill of communication

If you want to be a good communicator, the main thing you have to do is practice! Practice and practice!

Learn the right way of communication with suitable theory

Theory of communication is one thing you should learn if you want to be a good communicator

Learn Various model of communication

Communication has a lot of model. Learn it and use in the good timing.

Understanding context of communication

In some way, context of communication is a main thing about communication. Learn it!

November 08, 2016

Understanding Consument

Author: Handito Hadi Joewono

Often we hear the classic word repeated from large and small businesses: "The making process is easy anyway, but it is important how to market". Because of its role is strategic, not surprisingly marketing become an important issue in business. Indeed there is little ambiguity in the language here, whether the question is a marketing or sales?

Whether the sale is part of the marketing? Of course not, although people often claim such marketing. To market is not the same as selling. The two are different but interrelated and equally had a role in the company. No wonder there is an established company director of marketing and sales director.